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This is 
KL Dog Accessories

In my small Manufactur we make unique dog collars & leashes with love and passion.


Far away from the mass industry, we create pieces of jewellery for dogs and owners.  Design, comfort and functionality are combined in our products.

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About me

My name is Karin Leuthardt, I come from Switzerland and have been living in Andalusia for 25 years. I originally completed an apprenticeship in tourism. But everything turned out differently. . .  my love for horses and dogs was stronger. I have trained horses and riders for over 30 years.  For as long as I can remember, dogs have been part of my life, without them life would not be perfect. 


Even as a child I was very creative and loved making beautiful things by hand.

Often I Wass desperate when I was ooking for dog collars or leashes in convenience stores... I've never found what I really liked. And so a dream became a vision. Step by step I made my way... The first dog collars and leashes where made and at the same time KL DOG ACCESSORIES AND MORE.


AND I am a passionate animal photographer for years and I took all the pictures on this page myself. 

My dogs

logo_DSC9382 copy.jpg


. . . our princess, a 6 year old old german shepherd. My soul dog

edited_DSC8208 copy.jpg


. . . is our 4 year old Czechoslovakian wolfhound. Always good for a surprise. A real challenge. I love him.


logo_DSC3293 copy.jpg


. . . our super dachshund, tough, funny and easy to cuddle.

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