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Best materials

For our products we use exclusively

high-quality materials. The result can be seen in comfort, design and functionality.


Sleek leather and cowhide


We acquire our sleek leather from a German tannery that has been working sustainably for over 100 years, with passion, respect for people and nature. Higher skin prices ensure   that farmers keep their animals well and are rewarded accordingly. 


Aniline leathers are not varnished, which means that significantly fewer chemicals are used. , but also ensure, through higher skin prices,


Aniline leathers are valued longer, usually feel better and last longer.


Oiled leather


Our fat leather also comes from Germany. Oiled leather is characterized by the special oiling of the leather and is therefore particularly supple, non-slip and flexible.
In addition, fat leather impresses with its weather resistance, durability and resilience, so it is ideally suited for our collars and leashes 


Some of our collars, leashes and dog tags are hand-painted. We only use acrylic paints, these are water-based and are suitable for all smooth leather. The color covers the product like a second skin. 


The high-quality yarn that we use to wrap the collars and leashes is waxed and dirt-repellent.


For our products we only use stainless steel and brass fittings.

Wool felt - 100% sheep -   is more beautiful than ever!

The felts that we use for our products, which are also referred to as design felt because of their beauty and value, are fulling felt made in Germany. With the addition of moisture, heat, pressure and mechanical stress - fulling - the wool hairs are connected to each other. Due to their scaly structure, they are linked together and finally form a solid surface structure. The machine production ensures a homogeneous quality. The densely matted area is finally sheared, which ensures the smooth surface. 

"Real" wool felt is impregnated to a certain extent against dirt and moisture due to the natural wool fat content in combination with the close knitting of the hair.


Cowhide is processed in some of our products.  They come from German and Swiss agriculture and the food industry. The cow skins are a waste product there. Each cowhide is unique in shape, colour, structure and size. 

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